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About Me

My love of photography began with my children. When my children were born I wanted to savor every sweet moment and adorable look they had to offer. I wanted to be able to capture the beauty that I saw in their curious eyes and silly grins. I began a journey of learning the art of photography, which has brought me to this place today.

Now I want to be able to provide my clients the opportunity to capture the beauty you see in your family. Photographs and memories are treasures for me so my #1 job is finding a way to capture those facial expressions, laughs and sweet moments, that you will be able to look at and remember forever. I love interacting with children and you will find that the kids really enjoy their photo session and look forward to playing together again.

The most rewarding part of my job is the look on a client's face (or the sound in their voice) when they see beautiful images of their child or family.